How to Immediately Gain Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

If you’re in business, chances are you would love a loyal following of customers. Who wouldn’t? But between running the business, creating the valuable products and services your tribe has come to expect, and networking for new business – how do you create that culture of loyalty?

It can be as simply as weaving the philosophy into your branding.

What do I mean by that?

Here’s three actionable items you can start today:

  1. Let your customers know you’re thinking of them. See an article, post, or picture that reminds you or a customer or client? Send it to them – even if it’s in an email. Snail mail would be best, but if you’re pinched for time, email or call to let them know they were top of mind. A couple notes like this and I guarantee you – you’ll be top of their mind next time they need the services you provide.
  2. Start providing exclusive discounts. Everyone wants to be on the inside. Everyone wants a deal. Reward those on your list with special discounts, coupons, or promotionals only they have access to. If you want to take it an extra step, divide your list into those who already purchase regularly from you and everyone else. Create a ‘most valued client’ list and provide extra incentives and rewards for them!
  3. Send handwritten cards. This goes a long way in this digital era. Most people expect Christmas cards, but not many expect Happy Spring cards or Valentine’s cards. I’ve had great results by sending out handmade cards with a simple two or three-line note inside. The client feels cherished, I enjoy honoring them, and on more than one occasion, those cards have made it on social media. Bonus! Unexpected exposure for my business!

Loyal customers are what keep businesses turning – no matter the size. Take the time to grow loyal customers by nurturing the seeds you’ve already planted.