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Not just any newsletter. Our newsletters are tailored to your specific, personal business. The goal of each newsletter is twofold:

  • build relationships and trust by providing valuable and usable content.
  • create content that your readers are so excited about, they want to share, showing their circle of influence why being on your list is not only worthwhile, but cost-saving.

Our newsletters are set apart because they not only offer valuable content, but they are paired with an irresistible offer. Like clockwork. Every month. Readers know what to expect, look forward to it, and follow through.

This method is effective not only via email, but with direct mail as well.


Up to 600 words/post

Blogging is an excellent way to stay in touch with your audience – not just customers. Readers of your blog can become customers and eventually clients – yes, there is a difference!

But, a blog is only truly effective if it’s well maintained. Like any relationship, online relationships need to be nurtured for growth. Many subscribers to blogs expect a regular schedule for posts. They are trusting that once they subscribe, you will in turn respect their time with valuable and relevant content. Will you? Have you? Do you want to?

Blogs, if used wisely, can be a powerful and effective tool for building a business. Like business columns, these morsels of wisdom can be bound into a larger collection available for sale both in person and online – with very positive results.

Email Marketing

Series of three emails

Businesses risk extinction without proper follow-up and lead cultivation. In our fast-paced environment where there are a dozen new things every minute screaming for consumer attention, maintaining a consistent, warm, and significant presence is key.

Email marketing is your ticket to remaining a steadfast, valued presence in the hearts and minds of your prospects, customers, clients, and fans.

The goals of email campaigns vary, but most often cover these aspects:

  • Lead cultivation
  • Nurturing a sales cycle
  • Relationship building
  • Drip information – in cases of short online courses (think video, email courses)
  • Sharing of events, programs, promotionals
  • Gearing up for product launches

The list goes on. Any time someone signs up for your list is an opportunity not only for future sales, but to create a fan for life.

Business Articles

Up to 750 words/column

Business journals (both online and off!) are filled with knowledgeable business owners sharing their expertise. Shouldn’t you be among them?

Other columnists we’ve worked with have turned their single weekly or monthly articles from the paper into full books which they then have readily available for their clients.

An article isn’t just an article; it’s a bridge to greater exposure and possibilities.

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