Steve Slaunwhite

This is a study in how to write an effective story-driven email.
And you can quote me on that.
Excellent work!

Steve Slaunwhite, Author, The Everything Guide to Writing Copy
Karmin Pincus -  Military Relocation Professional

WOW! This is amazing and I will be using this in my marketing! I could never come up with this stuff. This doesn’t even sound like the same program. This sounds perfect and what I’ve been trying to say but couldn’t get the words right. Thank you so much!

Karmin Pincus - Military Relocation Professional Remax Elite - Home for Heroes Affiliate
Saacha K. Belgar

Joy A. Burke is a professional writer who gets to the point and knows just what to say and when to say it! I love her flare and style. Her education and expertise shows up in the keywords. It’s what I felt I wanted to say but just didn’t know how.
Thank you Joy!

Saacha K. Belgar Vibrant Vibes

Joy stretched her comfort zone to help me with a series of courses that I taught on Preventing Back Pain Injury. From the planning state, strategy, timeline, implementation and all the many tiny details in between she was professional and a pleasure to work with. Her writing is clean and concise; her work ethic is refreshingly old-fashioned, which means that she does what she says she will do and when she says she will do it. And I was happy to pay her very reasonable fees. I highly recommend Joy as a collaborator on writing projects large and small. You will enjoy the process as much as the product.

John Manuwal

I highly recommend Joy for any publishing needs you may have. From book building to website creation, Joy knows how to get it done and puts her clients first. She’s fun to work with and dependable throughout.

John Manuwal John Manuwal Photography
Maya Sullivan

It is a pleasure to work with Joy A. Burke. She was thorough and proficient in editing my 344-page manuscript. Joy is conscientious, pays attention to details, and delivers projects on time. She is a model of professionalism and seeks to provide the best quality service. She was—and continues to be—supportive and encouraging of the project as well as objective in her comments and suggestions. Joy is poised and conscientious. I highly recommend Joy for business projects.

Maya Sullivan Author | Speaker | Business Coach

I’m hoping my business is on the cusp of a breakthrough. I feel like it’s a succession of things that are coming around full circle. So, you helped me with the books, which went on Amazon which will reach people outside of my immediate circle and hopefully bring in passive income. The book sales are most successful at talks so far.

Then you created the new, much more modern and better website. Then we added a few chapters of the book as a free giveaway to add people to my newsletter, plus created a better email campaign. In the meantime, I created a Facebook group since the Facebook page doesn’t have much traction and I absolutely love it. Then Carin helped me create the amazing journals.

Because of the book, I was on a podcast (still to be released) and then sent a journal to say thank you. Now the podcast guy (met on Google+) said he would promote my journal.  Jennifer Christensen is promoting the journal which is now getting orders on my website. The Facebook group page is bringing me new people, some of which are then signing up for my newsletter.

Anyway, I’m rambling, but I guess the bottom line is I feel like these different things I’ve done (with a phenomenal amount of help from you) are paying off!!!

On to webinars as soon as I buy more equipment. Our next conversation.

Monika Kristofferson Monika Kristofferson
Efficient Organization NW